Lie Detector Test Finger Scan

Lie detector test finger scanner prank app check truth / lie using finger scan.

Lie detector test or Lie finding Machine to know whether a person is telling truth or lie. This lie detector machine works on Speech and biometric finger scanner method. The result of lie detector testing machine is randomly generated and this app can be used with friends and family members to enjoy and have fun. This lie detector app can be used in many ways. Example: You can ask kids to tell the truth else this lie detector testing machine will finger the truth. You can ask you lover to give this lie detector test and know the secrets and much more ways to enjoy this app.\nHow to use this Lie Detector testing machine scanner app:\n1. Download and install this lie detector testing machine\n\n2. Select the option from the list provided\n\n3. This lie detector app contains information of Lie detector machine in real\n\n4. The lie detector scanner part is prank which can be used to entertainment\n\n5. You will be asked to enter your age and name to proceed for Lie detector testing\n\n6. You will be asked to perform two level of testing. That is voice and body condition.
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