Aadhaar Card QR Code Scanner

Scan QR Code of your Aadhaar card and save the details of aadhar card in mobile.

Aadhaar card QR Code scanner will scan the QR code provided on your aadhaar card and show details. This is a special Qr Code scanner made to scan the QR code of aadhaar cards. This Aadhar card QR Code scanner will also help you save the details of your aadhaar cards in your mobile. This aadhar card details will be saved in your mobile and not on our server. You can approach government bodies to make the necessary correction once you Scan your aadhaar card. Aadhar card correction can also be done online. Check for the correctness of your aadhaar card details b scanning the QR Code of your aadhar card. Enjoy this QR Code scanner app and share it with friends on social media. Do rate this useful tool app and leave your comments..
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