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Eye Scanner Mobile screen Lock simulator will display how eye scan locker works

Do you know how does a Eye scanner Screen Locker works? Download and install this free Eye scanner Screen Locker app now and check the functionality. You can use this application in many ways. We have provided many functionality in this app. Few of them are listed below:\nFeatures of this Eye Scanner Screen Locker app:\n1. Enabling of Eye scanner Screen Locker app\n2. Few screen are provided using which you can scan your eye and check\n3. This locker will work on screen lock mode also\n4. Match your eye and scan to open your mobile\nHow does it works :\n1. Download and install this free to download Eye scanner Mobile screen locker app\n2. Select the option from Main screen of this app\n3. Tap to enable the Eye scanner feature\n4. Scan your eyes and check back ground screen for screen locker\n5. Set the locker screen and save it\n6. Close your mobile now and open it by scanning your eyes\n7. Do rate this app and share your comments and suggestions\n8. If you like this app then share it with friends and family members.
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