Guide to Link Adhar card &Cel

Now link your adhar card with mobile number is 5 simple steps following this Gui

Now Link your adhar card with mobile number is 5 simple steps. This app contains simulator based this to let you know how to link your aadhar card with Mobile number. The 5 simple steps are as mentioned below\n1. You have to provide your adhar card number\n2. Provide your mobile number, name and other details\n3. Provide all finger prints\n4. Provide eye scan\n5. Successfully linked your aadhar card with Sim card\nJust follow these simple steps and you can take the simulator provided in this app to guide kids and elder person near you. This is app is the best simulator based app. Finger scanner and eye scanner provided in this app does not really work and even the aadhar card details we take are only last 4 digit numbers which we will not store in our data base. Do share this link mobile number with aadhar card with others and do rate this app along with comments and suggestions..
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